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FIx the server economy!

Playing on survival game mode the only way to earn income besides selling in ah or in a shop is to get 3 jobs and play like 4 - 6 a day to get 5000$. And when I say "play" u actually need to fallow specific objective's that the job you selected need's to generate income. For a casual player that will play 3h a day or once each 3 day's he will be broke. All the fun and the pleasure it's replaced by grading all day.
And I'm not toking about ppl that are builders!!! They can create very block they want from free! Builder's and admin's don't know how hard it is to get money in-game.

We need a way to earn income in a way that doesn't require us to follow specific goals to get money and just by playing the game. Like the way, u get mistery Chester's... I suggest having a shop or a simple command that will allow you to sell back to the game any type of block in the game. Even if it is low price it's still something you don't need to grind for.

Elytra and shocker boxes are in my opinion a very endgame item's that you cand find in a vanilla version very late in the game and very had to get by. In my opinion, this item's should be expensive item's but, why a mending bok then it's more expensive? it's not that endgame item and in 1.14 u can easily get one from converting 1 villager until u get it. In experience I had whit the voting rewords I've got over 10 shoker boxes and 6 elitras but 0 mending. So the rate's are so out of balance that it impact the selling price. I don't complain too much about this but it's not good in the grand schema of sv economy.

Can we get more info about how the job's work? what is the exact thing we need to do for each job to earn money? Because I think jobs are not balanced and some jobs will generate more income faster and easier then others. And there is no information about the specific reward you get for making a job.

In every MMO game if u kill something you get some kind of currency. In hunter job it u kill mob's you only get drop and exp, the currency it's missing you need to only kill animal's to get the money.

about 1 year ago
FIx the server economy!

Ps I'm really sorry if I've offended anyone! This is only my frustration about the current state of the survival world.

about 1 year ago
Organize event's

It code be cool to have in game organize events by staff.

  • Make a PVP roman arena and let's PVP for the last mand standing. ( give everyone encheanted armor and 1 enchanted weapon to pick from ! in this way we are all balance and only the most skill PVP player will be the last man standing. also, reword code only be in-game money to bust the economy. And this event can really helpt other's see the PVP aspect of the game in a way that they don't lose their stuff if they faill, and they can also try the enchanted armor to see how it benefit from the enchanting)


  • Raiding - se a new location where you can summon 2 3 raids at once and bring all the player's willing to participate to cooperate and try to kill the boss. I'm always looking to make new friends and this event can be a chance to met ppl and work to a common goal. Reward wide I'll be pretty happy if at list we get some ex for killing the boss.
  • parure challenges
  • quiz challenge, where all the question is about in-game stuff, like what ingredient is missing from a crafting recipe.
  • maze


It od be a nice experiment to see if ppl are more interested in image event's then the lottery on the forum. And also builders can really shine here, showcasing coll medieval architectural structures for the events.


I don't need to offend anybody this is only my stupid ideas.

Comment below if u think this would be cool and if u wood participates in this type of the plane event's that code be set once per week on weekends.


Pls also make a voting table whit the time ranges so that we can all be online for the event's if u pan to do so. Ppl can vote the time range time they can participate and the most range time can be set so that we can all have a great game. setting event when ppl got to sleep or it too early in the morning or at night time it will not have great results.

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