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Updates/News Quests reborn! 14 days ago

Quests are finally here!
And they are interactive - Visit the Survival Spawn for more information.

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Updates/News Survival Quest System 18 days ago

Have a look at our big upcoming quest system in survival now!

Visit the Knight just after walking down the well and talk with him to find out. 

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Updates/News Medieval Realm Reloaded about 1 month ago

We recently updated our homepage to a smoother newer version. Which will be enhanced throughout the next weeks with new features!

Keep in mind that email authentication will be enabled in the next few weeks aswell. 

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Updates/News Your new survival buddy! about 1 month ago
Tame mobs and train them to gain strong companions!

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Updates/News 1.15.1 Update about 1 month ago
Enjoy all our features now on minecraft 1.15.1!

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