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Updates/News Promotion technique 24 days ago

Bumping rewards

We recently implemented a way to promote our discord server more often across the world. And you can help us to promote it even faster! All you have to do is joining our discord server and execute the command in the Bump me Text channel: !d bump 

It is possible to bump the server every 2 hours. You will be notfied if the bum...

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Updates/News Survival Mechanic Changes 24 days ago

I am sorry to tell you that we had to make changes to the Survival Gamemode.

Following Changes may affect your Experience and needs to be kept an Eye on:

  • If Redstone Clocks are too fast they will get removed and a sign with equivalent text is displayed at this position
  • Dropped Items will get removed each 30 minutes - Keep your items in Containers!
  • Hostile Mobs like Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers and Spiders will get reduced throughout time

Those changes were made to be able to provide a stable and performant gamemode please kindly understand.

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Updates/News Nether 1.16 Upgrade! 25 days ago

We proudly announce our temporary exploration server!
You can visit it by adding a new server with the ip

Requirements: you need to enable snapshots in your minecraft client and choose 20w09a

Have fun and have a look on upcoming features!

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Updates/News Your new survival buddy! 2 months ago
Tame mobs and train them to gain strong companions!

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