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Enjoy our new and hopefully lag free server powered by an Intel Core i9-9900K

Also try our new gamemode: Citybuild

28 Sep 2019, 18:54 0 | 3
We're now running 1.14.4
Embrace our new lag! Yes, this is normal.

16 Aug 2019, 13:23 0 | 3
Server Upgrade is coming soon!
No user homes and shops will get damaged through this.
Only thing that happens is a full reset of skyblock - we are sorry for that but there is no other way.

11 Aug 2019, 20:55 3 | 11
Now available in the warp selection: Hardcore Survival!
/warp Hardcore_Survival
You only got one life. If you die, you will be banned from the hardcore world.
No second chance.

22 Jul 2019, 15:21 0 | 6
Shop got now officially upgraded to the Usershop in
/warp Modern_Avenue
Check it out and sell your goods for other players in need

21 Jul 2019, 03:41 0 | 5


Connection refused