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Updates/News Warp GUI + Further Updates 16 days ago

1. Warp GUI

We recently reworked the Warping GUI as you can see with /warps. Due to upcoming feature plans we aligned it nicely so it is more convenient for the players in each gamemode.

2. Further Updates

Speaking of upcoming features we do have couple new and big ones in our pockets which are waiting to be released. Medieval Realm exists now for more than a year which we are going to celebrate with some events. In that way we are going to release 3 Stages of our Anniversary Event.

The first stage will launch<str... />

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Updates/News Trading System about 1 month ago

Trading System

We proudly introduce a more advanced technique to trade with players on the same Gamemode. It is now possible to trade with another by entering /trade <player />. This will send him a trade request.

Once you sent the request to the player and he accepts it a GUI is shown where it prompts you to input the items you want to trade. You can see what the other player is willing to trade too. If you don't have a fitting item around you can also input some money in the trading GUI by clicking on the gold nugget. If you are ready to trade click the red block until it gets marked ready. If the other player accepts it too the trade will b...

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Updates/News Chat reworked about 1 month ago

Chat Rework

Recently we updated the chat with a completly different type since the old one has gamebreaking mechanics. Therefore we were partly forced to choose a different setup and also for the preparations in the new upcoming gamemode.

Here is a list with things that changed for you out there:

  • /msg does now only work the targetplayer is in the same Gamemode as the sender.
  • Players can now delete their chat history if they dont want it to be shown with /chat clear
  • Staff can clear every players chat with /chat clear all
  • Player can ignore other players now with /chat ignore player or channel
  • By clicking o...

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Updates/News Jump & Run Update about 1 month ago

Jump & Run Update

We were recently working on upgrading and optimizing the old Jump & Run and it worked out pretty well so far. 

If you want to try out the first impressions you can now simply do /warps -> Creative -> Jump & Run

The Jumps you can find there are for demonstrations and the old jumps will get added to each category soon. The System is still the same with little performance and visual improvments for the experience. Also you will get rewarded with so...

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Updates/News Ranks Remake 2 months ago

More Medieval Ranks!

We recently updated our ingame ranks to a more medieval looking. Every rank should behave like the old one together with its features. These are the changes we made to them.

Survival (theme: nobles):
Squire (formerly Warden)
Knight (formerly Berserker)
Baron (formerly Raider)
Count (formerly Warlord)

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