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Important Changes

Important changes

 Due to the need of automatization we will introduce an important change that will affect every player if the requested steps aren't followed. What we are going to implement is a bridge to our homepage that will synchronize your rank towards the homepage. To make that possible we are forced to change everyones UUID. With that change it is very important that you as a player remove everything from your inventory and put it inside of a chest in your claim or somewhere else. If you don't put your items in a container you will most likely loose all your stuff that is in your inventory and nobody will be able to get those items back! 

This change will also affect every gamemode. So please check your inventory on every mode!

That big change is scheduled for this Friday 11am UTC. Please make sure to put everything in containers even from the enderchest on your leave until friday!!

12 months ago
Pre 1.17 Preperations

Pre 1.17 Changes

As almost everybody knows that the Caves & Cliffs update is awaiting us somewhere in the middle of this year and we are making some preparations for that update.
Few of the major things that will go under improvement for survival are:

  • MobArena gets revamped with a new system and rewards.
  • Quests will receive an overhaul together with an expansion for a better RPG experience.
  • Performance & world management gets enhanced.
  • and a lot more..

Prior has the side effect due to the large chunk discovery (60GB) of players that the survival worlds will be regenerated. Don't worry, we keep the old world as a backup and if we recieve requests from the players we are going to copy their homes over to the new places.

Due to that reset players will loose their game statistics, inventory and advancements but will keep all the items in the enderchest and all the other things that aren't mentioned.

Survival isn't the only mode that will recieve improvements. All the other modes will receive updates aswell.
Recently we focused on skyblock and added following features/fixed bugs:

  • Nether roof of the island world prevented mobs from spawning properly - roof got removed
  • added 1 additional helper to every rank that is achievable from voting
  • added a permission to the premiumshop that lets you link the helper to a chest
  • readded spawners & spawneggs to the /shop
  • new template islands for a better starting guide

Auctions are back in the game in survival. Check them out with /auc or /ah what is currently open for auctions and bid on the items. Sell your items to the highest bidder with /auc start when holding your item in hand.


Best regards,

about 1 year ago
Christmas Event

Sylenta needs your Help!

Sylenta is in big troubles that will prevent him from making christmas possible! He requires help from you to make christmas possible!

If you want to save christmas for him and all the players visit the event zone in survival or do /event.

Furthermore there were just some small fixes and tweaks like below:

- Only tabcompleting commands that players have access to
- Fixed a locked chat that occured when being in PM
- Preventing the Channels to be flooded with lots of messages

We also wish every player and their family a merry christmas. Stay safe and protect your loved ones.

Best Regards,

about 1 year ago
Phoenix from the Ashes

We are back and we did not take a break!

The Hompage might has looked abandoned through the last couple months but that is wrong!

Back then we decided to stop announcing each small change and start collecting during our development phase. Here we are now with a massive changelog waiting for you to be read!

Empires is out!

Well it is in Beta and ready for you to explore. 


Empires is meant to be our first Competitive Gamemode that has a seasonal rotation on the challenges and the rewards. Since it is now in Beta there are no rewards and it is meant to be explored first. Inside of this Gamemode we provide you a 10000x10000 Map to explore/build/fight or whatever you like to do together with its appropiate size in the nether.

Oh and the most important detail on Empires is - It is modded - So you need a proper minecraft installation to be able to join it.

Another very important detail is on end of each season the map gets rotated do bring in some biome variations as we got a lot in our pockets for you! That means map is going to be frequently reseted.

For more details on the Gamemode itself please visit our Gamemode Description Page.

Giveaways rollout

We are planning to host constantly new giveways with ingame items, currency, ranks and many more in our discord. But they are not limited to ingame items which include gifts like Discord nitro & classic so have a look and visit us in our discord!

CityBuild -> CityPvP

CityBuild was way too mainstream compared to our other modes and therefor we decided to merge the ability to build on plots and the idea of a PvP mode. This mode now includes Mines that give players easily items they need, the ability to safely build a base on their plots and the Combat of regular PvP servers.

This being said here is a feature list what we provide for you:

  • 1.8 Combat
  • Custom & Free Kits
  • Item Mines
  • Overworld for a regular play if needed
  • Spawners can be silk picked and the type can be changed with a spawn egg.
  • Players and Mobs can drop a percentage of money
  • Custom Fighting arenas with safezones

Here are some sample images for you to have an idea what this mode is now about.


OneBlock in SkyBlock

Another big part we are providing you is OneBlock as an option to play in our SkyBlock Gamemode. It is a very comfortable way to play SkyBlock as you do not have to worry about a generator because it is already there! And guess what - It is generating the broken block right after you broke it. By doing that you proceed into your current island phase and unlock new Biomes with different block spawning changes. 

Give this mode a try and you will surely like it!

Further changelog to SkyBlock is as follows:

  • added companions that can farm for you on your island
  • new generator type that can be build and configured
  • better option to earn money with the newly introduced /shop to sell farmed items
  • a new Hub to get started more easily


Also the Homepage did get an overhaul. We now have a very nice navigation bar with new content in it.

We are now featuring the following few things:

  • A rules page here
  • Gamemode descriptions here
  • Gallery to view images from our gamemodes here
  • Videos that will represent any youtube video that is related to our server here
  • A resource page that will provide downloadable content like the requirements for Empires here
  • And a fully featuring Store with lots of Payment Methods to fit any budget if someone wants to donate here

Under the line these are our game changing news asides of smaller improvements and optimizations. If you do have any concern please contact us with our contact formular that can be found at the end of our homepage or by clicking here.

Best regards,

about 1 year ago
Future Plans

Future Plans

There were not many updates lately announced. It was like that because we are working hard on overhauling and optimizing the gamemodes together to improve your experience.

Once we are finished we are going to make the network more popular to give the current playerbase a boost and new members to play with. 

There are tons of updates coming so stay tuned for the news!


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