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2 shops in 1, for sale

Odinsons tower in the back is part of the auction?

about 1 year ago
Quest Maker!

Quest name: Flowers for my wife

radiant quest (i'd say cooldown of about an hour should be good)

requires 10 quest points (not sure, that's the same as the quest wheat farm, right?)


1. Guard near Pond

2. " 'ey! 'avin time to 'elp me ooeht?"

3. Stage 1:

- start message: " 'ave to patrahl back 'ere again fahr tahnight. Please tell me wife and give 'er sahme flowers."

- npcs: deliver 2 flowers (any kind) to wheat enthusiast

- complete message: "Really flowers, again? Sure a nice thing, but I really prefer wheat, maybe you could bring me some of it?"

Stage 2:

- npcs: deliver 32 wheat to wheat enthusiast

- complete message: "Tell him, if he isn't home at least tomorrow evening, from now on there won't be cooked dinner."

Stage 3:

- npcs: talk to Guard

- complete message: "Damn! Need to make sure naht to get anahther o' dese late shefts tahmorrow den. Cooehld you ask de Captain fahr me?"

Stage 4:

- npcs: talk to Captain of the Guard

- complete message: "That drunk again. We are a bit understaffed. Would you do the shift for him? If you do, he'll gets the earlier shift tomorrow."

Stage 5:

- mobs: kill 3 zombies

- mobs: kill 3 skeletons

- mobs: kill 3 spiders

- mobs: kill 3 creepers

Stage 6:

- npcs: talk to Captain of the Guard

- complete message: "Nice Job you've done. How about considering a career as guard? That'll be all the pay for a nights shift though."


- 100 xp

- money 100$

- 1 quest point


(irish-ish accent made with https://accenterator.com/irish.php)

about 1 year ago
Quest Maker!

Quest name: A quick fix.

radiant quest (cooldown 4-6 hours maybe)

requires 30 quest points (someone one can trust)

requires to have found the shady merchant


1. Guard patroling the small shops in town (the shops under the bridge to the castle)

2. "Hey! Having time to help me out?"

3. Stage 1:

- start message: "I feel the creeps, please get me my courage potion. Ask the shady merchant for it."

- npcs: talk to shady merchant

- complete message: "I'm out of stock, but if you bring me some ingredients, I can make it quite quick."

- delay 2 seconds

Stage 2:

- start message: "Bring me the following."

- items: deliver strength potion to shady merchant

- items: deliver nightvision potion to shady merchant

- items: deliver 2 red mushroom to shady merchant

- complete message: "Okay, it'll take some time, tell him I'll bring it later in the afternoon."

Stage 3:

- npcs: talk to Guard

- complete message: "Thanks. Don't tell anyone I'm afraid of the dark."


1 quest point

20 xp

1 splashpotion of weakness (the cheapest one, 1:30min it is i think)

about 1 year ago
Quest Maker!

Quest name: Broken Sword

radiant quest (i'd say once per 24h real time?)

requires 20 quest points


1. Guard patroling Modern Ave

2. "Hey! Having time to help me out?"

3. Stage 1:

- start message "My sword got dull and broke again. I'll need a new one for the night."

- items: craft iron sword

- items: enchant iron sword with sharpness 1+ and unbreaking 1+

Stage 2:

- npcs: deliver enchanted ironsword to guard

- complete message: "Thanks, I owe you a drink next time we see each other in the tavern."


2 quest points

8 emeralds

50 xp

about 1 year ago
Quest Maker!

Okay just some drafts for a questline for the town guard. beginning here with the last and biggest one. Any naming conventions for npcs? Suggestions and critique appreciated (please use the message thing here or the discord for these).


Quest name: Raiders!

non-radiant quest (i'd say)

requires at least 40-50 questpoints (a respectable member of society)

eventually you'll need to complete at least one quest from another Guard npc when i got to them later, if that condition is possible, as the completed quests are counted that should be possible, right?

necessary npcs (will be reused in other quests, i think the other quests will be implemented earlier than this one as this needs a bit more work):

Guard Captain

up to 5 Guards, perhaps only 4 is better (locations see below)



1. Some captain of the guard, maybe right at the entrance to the castle? On the castle side of the bridge under the gateway or in the gatehouse for example?

2. "Make sure the town is safe."

3. Stage 1:

- start message: "They're attacking!"

- objective: defend a village from a raid (could be detected by detecting a change to the hero of the village effect going up to level 5)

- action: give player bad omen 5 effect

- complete message "That was one hell of a fight. Well done, lad."

- delay 2 seconds

Stage 2:

- start message: " They raided some farms around here. Pesky bandits. I want their heads."

 - npcs: deliver heads to captain: 1 vindicator, 1 pillager, 1 ravager, 1 evoker and 1 witch (the heads of the latter two seem quite more difficult to obtain, but the reward shall compensate for that, i'd guess to get these heads about a dozen raids will be necessary)

- complete message: "Hope they learnt their lesson." (actually as they are dead i doubt it)

- delay: 2 seconds

Stage 3:

- start message: "They've wounded quite some guards, I don't want losses the next time."

- npcs: give every guard npc a totem of undying (i'd say 5 in total: 1 in the castle [maybe the captain themself], 1 on Modern Ave [perhaps patroling the longer tunnel], 1 near the pond [you know the windwaker themed pond], 1 were the small shops are [near the castle the passage under the bridge], 1 near the wheat enthusiast or carpenter, eventually these get names later on beginning with 'Guard' and will have smaller quests later)

- complete message: "Thanks, the royal treasurer will reward you."


1 premium key (you'll get really low rewards for the other guard quests)

2 quest points

no xp (for that you'd have killed enough mobs in that quest)

no money

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