If you are looking for a calm and "relaxing" PvP , CityPvP delivers you old Combat  mechanics together with peaceful Plots  to build your base.  Farm materials in a renewable  and  unlimited  way instead of having to tear apart the world around you to prepare your gear for upcoming  fights . Citybuild too has separate in-game Ranks  and Kits . Housed in CityPvP is Anarchy , a gamemode without  most of  the restraining  rules  you'll have to follow elsewhere with some features shared with CityPvP.

These features contain the following:
  • 1.8 Combat Mechanics for CityPvP and Anarchy to test your skills.
  • Unlimited farming Resources  in CityPvP to enjoy.
  • Custom Kits  and rewards for the Voting sites .
  • mcMMO  for CityPvP and Anarchy to spice up the combat experience.