McMMO Introduction
Do you like RPG leveling and such ways of wasting time? Then the McMMO skills and perks are for you.

How it works:
McMMO lets you gain experience and level up skills by doing actions that relate to those said skills.
In example: Hitting mobs with a sword, Breaking an ore with a pickaxe, Brewing a potion.

Usually a player that does not know about McMMO will be gaining exp anyways due to normal minecraft
actions and playstyle.

Available Skills: Mining, Woodcutting, Herbalism, Excavation, Fishing, Repair, Acrobatics, Alchemy, Unarmed,
Archery, Swords, Axes, and Taming.
Available Child Skills: Salvage, and Smelting.
Power Level: Sum of all your skill levels and it is just for display.

Main Commands:
/mcmmo - Brief description of the plugin.
/mcstats - Shows your McMMO skill levels and xp.
/inspect <Player> - Shows a player's McMMO skill levels and xp.
/mctop [skill name] [page number] - Shows the top players with the highest power level (or skill level).
/mcrank or /mcrank <Player> - Shows your (or another player's) ranking position (1 being the highest) for each skill, including power level.
/mcability - Toggles the abilities used by right clicking.
/<skill name> - Shows information about the skill you type in.