Empires necessary Modpack

Empires necessary Modpack


Empires Modpack

If you don't know what Empires is please checkout this link to our Gamemode Description.

To be able to play on Empires you have to install atleast this Modpack on your Minecraft client. Steps to make it work are like following:

  1. Start up a minecraft session with 1.12.2
  2. Download Forge from this link.
  3. Close minecraft launcher and execute the forge jar.
  4. After installation was successfully start the launcher and search for a version that looks similiar to "Version 1.12.2-forge-".
  5. Start the game and let it fully load to the Main menu.
  6. Close the game again and open the installation path of your minecraft. Usually its in "C:\Users\yourUser\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft".
  7. There should be a folder called "mods".
  8. Extract the .zip file and paste the content in that folder.
  9. Start the game again and you should be able to join Empires.

Or you can checkout this quick installation video that we prepared for you.

Disclaimer:  Medieval Realm does not own any of these ressources and thus is not in charge for anything that does not work properly. A text file with the original creators is included in the modpack.
If you are a owner of one these ressources and are not comfortable how we refere to your ressource please contact us here.

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